Christian Russia was founded in 1957 by Father Romano Scalfi with the aim of making known in the West the riches of the spiritual, cultural and liturgical tradition of Russian Orthodoxy; to foster ecumenical dialogue through contact between living experiences; to contribute to the Christian presence in Russia.

Today he continues his activity of spreading the knowledge of the cultural and spiritual tradition of the East through the journeys that allow to know and touch the culture of the visited country.

All the trips promoted by Christian Russia and organized by Duomo Viaggi e Turismo foresee the visit to local cultural realities or to teachers in parishes to people involved in the social so that the knowledge of a country is not limited only to artistic beauties but also enters into everyday life , to the social, to the spiritual life.

In addition to the well-known Russia, Christian Russia accompanies the traveler in the discovery of many countries and cultures, organizing with a common denominator: knowing art, architecture, history and social life of the visited country.

Those who choose Christian Russia travels know that they will make a total immersion in the visited country accompanied by teachers, local experts, language scholars, literature, art whose attention is focused on the dissemination of knowledge.


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