Culture is “what the human being, in its becoming, has consciously produced” and Environment is “the surrounding space considered with all its features” or even the “complex of social, cultural and moral conditions in which a person finds himself ”. Our world is an infinite treasure trove of culture and the environment.

For Duomo Viaggi e Turismo cultural tourism is to accompany travelers to the knowledge of culture and environment: museums, sanctuaries, palaces, churches, gardens, landscapes, cities, environment and all that surrounds us.

The cultural travel of Duomo trips follows a theme and the visits are organized to deepen the knowledge of the Places you visit, it is organized and all inclusive: guided tours, lunches and dinners (because there is no trip without food) and the trips are accompanied by teachers or experts or people who, with passion, follow the travelers.

The cultural and environmental knowledge of the destination visited is fundamental for us and must be, as far as possible, the most complete within the time limit available.

Needless to speak of hotels, airlines and means of transport: the choice of Duomo trips always falls on the best for that trip because quality is our starting point.

In these pages Duomo Viaggi e Turismo offers trips that are a heritage of shared ideas and ideas for those who want to know the world and the beauty around us.


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