Our mission

DUOMO VIAGGI & TURISMO ambition is to create conditions to transform every journey into a personal and spiritual growth experience; give the opportunity to be in harmony with the beauties of the world, thanks to careful selection of places and destinations, a preparation of the itinerary and a reliable support in the travel experience.

We aim to offer the opportunity to travel with knowledge: not simply being transported by someone else but drive your own steps. Do not forget  yourself in a more or less “exotic lands” of tourism instead of find your own personal and spiritual path in every destination.

DUOMO VIAGGI & TURISMO believes in tourism as a moment with strong educational dimension, in the service of person and religious growth.

The Educational dimension

In our vision, a trip is a precious opportunity for a personal growth.

We want distinguish ourselves from usual clichés of travel industry, link on values or needs such as relax, entertainment and even transgression.

We believe that one of the fundamental elements of a healthy life is to nourish the spirit. For this reason we believe that it is necessary to invest in cultural tour, discovery, knowledge and meeting local people.

The Personal Service

The experience of the journey starts and consists within an individual human path of growth. Respect this specific dimension can be a real enrichment for travelers as well as the enrichement of the community dimension who needs respect, sharing of spaces, ideas and living conditions with others travelers. This mind set opens up to the knowledge and welcome of different cultures.

The Religious dimension

Pilgrimage is one of the best allegories to define human existence related to God. Think about definitions like “people on the way” reported to the Church and how this is link to the walking of Jesus and his followers in the regions of Palestine. Pilgrimages and, more generally, religious tourism are one of the priority objectives of our activity. In our vision, be a tour operator is not limited to simply organizing practical aspects of travel and religious stuff. Our responsability is rather to take care about preparation, for the journey and the adequate ” accompanying equipment”  so that the experience can have a strong spiritual and pastoral value.