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Duomo Viaggi & Turismo S.p.A is a leading travel agency in Italy specializing in the management of travel and business services, with a particular focus on humanitarian travel for Third Sector Organizations, Universities, volunteer associations, non-profit organizations (ONLUS), NGOs, missionaries, religious entities, and congregations.

Thanks to an efficient Business Travel Center and an advanced 24/7 booking system, Duomo Viaggi & Turismo S.p.A can optimize travel costs without compromising on the desired quality and comfort. Our main business travel services include Air, Rail, and Maritime Reservations, Hotel Reservations, and Car Rental Reservations.

The ticket office of Duomo Viaggi & Turismo S.p.A is IATA certified (International Air Transport Association) and operates in partnership with major national and international airlines, railways, and maritime companies.
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