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    The guided tour of the historic center of Como will take us on a journey to discover one of the most fascinating provincial capitals of Lombardy. We will be guided through the most significant monuments that allow us to understand the historical and artistic events of Como through the centuries, from its Roman foundation to the 20th century.

    The itinerary will, in fact, recall the key moments of Como’s history, highlighting the periods of greatest splendor and artistic fortune, starting from the Roman era. We will search for traces of the Roman Novum Comum, identifiable in the layout of the walls and roads, and in some significant places such as the forum and the baths. We will admire the testimonies of the city’s glorious medieval period, including the Broletto, the buildings on Via Vittani, and the Basilica of San Fedele, a symbol of Romanesque Como, unique in its architectural structure and decorative variety. We will follow the evolution of the Cathedral over the centuries, which from its original late Gothic layout, visible in the facade that presents some similarities with that of the Milan Cathedral, shifted towards a Renaissance structure, culminating in the Baroque dome.

    The itinerary will be completed with a dive into the Rationalist Como of the 20th century, with Giuseppe Terragni’s Casa del Fascio, a masterpiece of Italian Rationalist architecture. This allows us to introduce the theme of modern architecture, the use of new construction materials, and the complex relationship between the legacy of the past and modernity in 20th-century art.

    The guided tour of the historic center of Como will be a journey through time to follow the infinite transformations of a city that over the centuries has managed to change while preserving the most important testimonies of its glorious history.

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