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    The guided tour of the city of Varese will take us on a journey through the greenest provincial capital of Lombardy, a city renowned for its surrounding natural landscapes and historic villas that have fascinated visitors throughout history, including Stendhal and Leopardi. In a letter to his sister Paolina, Leopardi described Varese as “the little Versailles of Milan.”

    Our itinerary will focus on the historic center, where we can trace the city’s history through remnants of grand homes like Casa Perabò, the ancient broletto, and traces of vanished ancient convents. Passing through Arco Mera, we’ll step into a sacred environment frozen in time, where highlights include the Romanesque Baptistery of San Giovanni and the nearby Basilica of San Vittore, with its famous bell tower known as the Bernascone, designed by the same architect who worked on the Sacro Monte chapels during the same period.

    The centerpiece and conclusion of our tour will be the Estensi Gardens, the magnificent park surrounding the palace chosen by Francesco III d’Este upon receiving the fiefdom of Varese from Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. Modeled after the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace, the Estensi Gardens feature parterres blending Italian and French garden styles, dominated by a nymphaeum adorned with tufa concretions and statues. Together with the Park of Villa Mirabello, these gardens provide Varese residents with a unique setting for leisure and strolls.

    The guided tour of Varese will uncover the city’s history and its natural and architectural beauties, affirming its well-deserved title as the “Garden City.”

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